• 5G connectivity 5G connectivity

    New opportunities for businesses and society

The arrival of 5G is revolutionising the digitalisation of business and society. A technology with countless possibilities for industry, the automotive business, the audiovisual sector, leisure and entertainment, transport, security, tourism, education, medicine and health...

As an example, 5G connectivity is capable of creating social value in eleven of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

5G technology is also up to 90% more efficient in terms of energy consumption per unit of traffic. This is a further step forward in our commitment to reduce emissions and bring to life technology solutions that drive progress while mitigating its impact on the environment.

Why this technology?

We have developed numerous pilots and pioneering projects, hand in hand with Telefónica Empresas. More than 80 new business uses thanks to the combination of 5G with technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Drones and Artificial Intelligence.

Maximum capacity and speed

5G enables bandwidth-intensive services such as high-definition video, virtual and augmented reality. It also makes it possible to send large amounts of information for applications such as telepresence or IoT information-generating engines.

Driving Edge Computing

Edge Computing, combined with almost zero latency, allows us to bring services to the cloud that until now needed to run on devices or on a local intranet. Edge computing saves costs and enables faster deployment.

Unnoticeable latency

5G connectivity enables critical communications to be immediate, with no perceived latency or delay. An essential aspect when talking about connected vehicles, remote surgery or Smart Industry... and also metaverse, videoconferencing, remote work or gaming.

Guaranteed reserve of resources

5G technology guarantees quality and priority access with network slicing. A revolutionary aspect for the deployment of wireless communications in industrial processes, connected cars and eHealth, among others.