#LadyHacker: for yourself and for them

June 2, 2021

The end of the academic year has arrived and with it the university admission exams. Young girls and boys in search of a final goal after so many years of effort that was not so heterogeneous a long time ago.

How many of our grandmothers were unable to opt for higher education? Smart, strong and courageous women who put aside their dreams and university aspirations to look after and educate new generations.


To honour them, our role models for life and achievement, #LadyHacker, Telefónica's global initiative that aims to make the role of women in the technology sector more visible and raise awareness among our girls about their potential to study STEM careers, is releasing the third video of its 2021 campaign. PLAY!

Will you join the #LadyHacker initiative? WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!