• An outstanding team

    Thousands of professionals with expertise in digital technologies work every day to make your business more efficient, sustainable and resilient

We are passionate about technology. We help clients around the world address their challenges with innovative digital solutions and put our resources, talent and experience to work for them.

The professionals who make up Telefónica Tech have more than 60 nationalities and 4,000 certifications in digital competencies. A diversity that enriches teamwork, strengthens our capabilities and allows us to be aligned with the needs and expectations of customers around the world.

  • We are the driver of change

Our leaders

  • José Cerdán
    José Cerdán
    CEO, Telefónica Tech
  • Pablo Eguirón
    Pablo Eguirón
    CFO, Telefónica Tech
  • Maria Jesús Almazor
    Maria Jesús Almazor
    CEO, Telefónica Tech Cyber Security & Cloud
  • Gonzalo Martín-Villa
    Gonzalo Martín-Villa
    CEO, Telefónica Tech IoT & Big Data
  • Mario Silva
    Mario Silva
    Director of Strategy, Telefónica Tech
  • Luis Prendes
    Luis Prendes
    Chief Legal Officer and Chief Transformation Officer, Telefónica Tech
  • María Díaz
    María Díaz
    Head of Marketing and Communications, Telefónica Tech
  • Javier Llamas
    Javier Llamas
    Director of People, Telefónica Tech