Advanced Factories 2023

As Telefónica Tech, we were at Advanced Factories 2023, the great event in Spain on industrial automation, robotics and digital manufacturing where you can discover the latest technologies that can boost industrial competitiveness through new business models, new production processes and the implementation of Industry 4.0. Held from April 18 to 20 in Barcelona.

At the event, we had the opportunity to show our technological capabilities in IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and how they apply in the industrial sector. We had a booth (6D429) located in Hall 6 where we will show demonstrations such as:

  • Lego Factory 4.0 (Continuous Process): representation of a continuous manufacturing plant with LEGO, where all process parameters are monitored in real time with our IOT/MOM platform Legato.
  • Fab Lab 4.0 (Discrete Process): Representation of a discrete manufacturing plant where attendees will be able to put themselves in the operator's shoes and follow all the necessary steps to assemble an item, during the process, all important manufacturing metrics will be collected in our MES/SGA Objective system.
  • Disruption in preventive safety connected with smart helmets. The NB-IoT/5G connectivity of connected helmets from our partner LIVALL provides the worker with comprehensive air quality and temperature monitoring that allows them to manage evacuations, SOS detection in case of a fall or any type of accident.
  • 5G remote-controlled robotics for environment monitoring. The ultra-low latency and high reliability 5G connection, added to Telefónica's Edge Computing capability, allows to perform tasks and remote control using the most cutting-edge service robotics.

In addition, we participated in the main agenda of the event with presentations of our experts accompanied by customers who told first-hand experiences and joint success projects: interview between Dario Cesena (CEO Geprom) and Jorge Juan Alfonso (Food Operations Manager - Stolt Sea Farm) on the digitization of a fish farm, participation of Javier Martinez Borreguero (Head of Industry 4. 0) in a round table on predictive maintenance with AI and another interview between Alfredo Serret (Global Business Development Director Telefónica Tech AI of Things), Manu Marín (CEO Livall) and a customer to talk about the connected helmet in industry.