• Sustainability

    Helping to build a more sustainable world

Telefónica Tech has been working to reduce the environmental footprint of all our activities.

In the face of the climate challenge, smart technologies are the key to decarbonising the economy, increasing renewable energies and undertaking an inclusive and fair digitalisation. That offers opportunities for progress for all and generates a positive impact on the planet.

Our experts provide all their experience and knowledge to develop, integrate and implement new generation strategies and technologies that create growth opportunities for companies and add value to society.

  • Our ally to protect the environment


  • Optimisation with IoT devices and connectivity solutions
    We offer IoT connectivity solutions thanks to IoT & Big Data services that improve measurement, control and action processes in real time, reducing the costs associated with our clients operational processes in sectors such as industry, energy and utilities.

    We also develop fleet management solutions to reduce fuel consumption, smart lighting to save energy in public lighting, smart agriculture to optimise water consumption, and energy efficiency services, among others.
  • Shared Cloud platforms and secure access services
    Energy consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced thanks to shared cloud platforms.

    In addition, we facilitate remote meetings and gatherings through software solutions (SaaS) or the generation of digital certificates, which avoid travel and reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions; as well as the massive remote storage of data on cloud servers, which are highly efficient compared to the use of local servers.


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