Come and play sports with Telefonica, and take on the best!

February 7, 2018
For another year, the city of Barcelona will welcome the largest global event in the mobile industry: the Mobile World Congress. To make the most of this moment, Barcelona's Mobile World Centre will welcome a dynamic event organized by LUCA, Telefonica's data unit, alongside Movistar Team and Movistar Riders, from Monday 26th of February to Saturday 3rd of March.
Banner of the Movistar Team and Movistar Riders showcase Figure 1 : LUCA will be showcasing the best in Sports Analytics at the Mobile World Centre.
The Mobile World Centre is an initiative of the Mobile World Capital Foundation and Telefonica, with the aim of showing how the mobile and internet worlds transform out lives. Motivated by this initiative and due to the influx of people who will be visiting Barcelona, it was a good moment to showcase Big Data and Artificial Intelligence with LUCA and their backing of Sports Analytics.
The event will show the diverse applications of data in the sporting arena. In particular, those applications applied to cycling with Movistar Team and the increasingly well-known world of eSports, with Movistar Riders. These teams already use data in order to improve the performance of their professionals.
Due to this, there will be two parts to the event. Firstly, located in the shop space, there will be a collaboration with Movistar Team which, through using four of the team's bikes, will simulate a stage of the La Vuelta race in Lagos de Covadonga. Participants will ride one of the bikes and, by following the lead rider's instructions, be able to follow their performance metrics in a demo designed by LUCA.
The participants will compete among themselves, and be able to compare their metrics with those of Alejandro Valverde, one of the team's riders. Also, on Tuesday 27th, Mikel Landa (another of the Movistar Team cyclists) will visit the store for a Meet&Greet session with the attendees and will hand out a prize to the individual who has achieved the best metrics during the first two days.
Promotional image for the LUCA event in collaboration with Movistar Team. Figure 2 : How close could you get to Alejandro Valverde's race metrics?
As value added, lights will be connected to each bike, which will be sincronized with the device that measures power, and will light up in different colours based on the intensity and power of each participant. The colorful atmosphere that this will create will attract people to enter, as well as guiding the rest of the bike to follow the same intensity, like a spinning class.
On the first floor, LUCA will welcome the collaboration with the eSports team Movistar Riders. Gamers who have signed up in advance via this form will be able to play a game of the videogame League of Legends (LoL). Also, those players who want to will be able to see their performance reflected in a demo designed specifically for the occasion, comparing their metrics to historical data of players from Movistar Riders (whose performance is optimized using advanced data analysis). Also, those who sign up will have the exclusive opportunity to play a live game of LoL against the Movistar Riders gamers on either Monday 26th or Tuesday 27th of February. These will be very special games for the followers of the team and for eSports in general. Those visiting the space during this period will be able to use the headsets that we use to monitor the brainwaves of the players whilst they compete.
Promotional image for the LUCA event in collaboration with Movistar Riders. Figure 1 : Attendees can take on the Movistar Riders at League of Legend.
Without a doubt, this will be another event where LUCA will show how technology contributes to digital transformation and in addition, the application of data to specific areas of our lives, such as sports.
Come and play sports with Telefonica, and compete with the best!
Mobile World Centre
Pl. de Catalunya, corner of Portal del Ángel (Barcelona)
From the 26th February to the 1st March, coinciding with the Mobile World Congress
For whom?
All those interested in knowing how Big Data helps to improve sports performance
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