Telefónica Tech At MWC: Economic and Social Recovery Are Our Priorities

June 24, 2021

After a year of forced suspension due to health circumstances, in 2021 the world's leading telecommunications and technology event will be held once again: the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from the 28th of June to the 1st of July. It will be much smaller in size compared to previous editions, but it is sure to be a meeting point for the industry and a stage for the presentation of numerous technological innovations. In addition, this edition presents a novelty regarding all the previous ones and it is the possibility of visiting the congress in a virtual way through a Digital Twin.

Telefónica will be present both presential and in this new online format with the aim of highlighting our intention to act as a key catalyst in the economic and social recovery of the country, promoting the digital transformation of the business network in its key sectors and of society in general.

Telefónica's presence is structured around three major blocks: Business, Society and Planet, where we deliver a message of hopeful present and how we see the evolution in each of them.

Within the Business axis, we focus on displaying

  • how we help to digitalise SMEs with specific proposals for Cloud, Cyber Security, improving the relationship with the clients through social listening and the discovery of their characteristics and needs, etc.,
  • what is the present and future of the so-called Smart Tourism, with a live demonstration of our predictive tourism occupancy modelling solutions,
  • the evolution towards Industry 5.0, displaying our predictive maintenance tools for industrial assets,
  • without forgetting Digital Security as a transversal feature of all Telefónica's digital service proposals.

On the other hand, in the axis focused on Society, we offer our solutions for

  • digitalisation of sport, showing our Global Sport Platform and how it helps to monitor and improve the health of even the youngest athletes or how Artificial Intelligence simplifies the dissemination of sports content for all types of clubs,
  • Digital Home or how our clients can access in a new way to a universe of interactive content (e.g., Living Apps) or new and improved training possibilities (e.g., Edge Gaming, etc.)

Finally, in the part of our message to the Planet, we want to highlight our commitment to sustainability and the environment through two initiatives that are already running:

  • The commitment to develop increasingly green, sustainable and transparent digital services, with the EcoSmart branding of our Products and Solutions portfolio, showing all our clients how our services are increasingly environmentally friendly.,
  • and the application of technology to smart, efficient and sustainable farming or how IoT (Internet of Things) technologies help to reduce the footprint of water, energy and other resource use to make agriculture a tool towards a sustainable future in every sense.

As we pointed out at the beginning, all this content can finally be enjoyed in three ways: in person with the demos at the stand and the information provided live by our colleagues (the "gurus"), on-line through the stand's Digital Twin with interactive access to the content of the demos and, finally, through the Digital Notebooks, an electronic distribution, also interactive, with our full detailed and in-depth message and vision.

Finally, we will also be present at more than 10 events organised by the GSMA (e.g., presentations, expert panels, sectorial round tables, etc.) where we will offer our vision in areas such as Industry, Mobility, Blockchain, Big Data/AI, etc. through our speakers selected by the GSMA.

Telefónica Tech, as the technological arm of digital services initiatives in such important ecosystems as IOT, Big Data/AI, Cyber Security and Cloud, has an important presence in all this deployment, with direct participation in all the demos of the physical stand (and its consequent reflection in the Digital Twin) and also providing content in almost all the Digital Notebooks that will be distributed to the general public.

In short, Telefónica is attending MWC2021 with the intention of showing innovative solutions that are already a reality and that can be a social and economic activation driver for a bright future for Business, our Society and the Planet in general.

So, see you at MWC2021!