These free Google courses will get you started with generative-AI

June 8, 2023

Google Cloud has recently launched some new free courses focused on Generative Artificial Intelligence. Generative Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that focuses on content creation, enabling a "more interactive way of interacting with information" and data.

Some of the most well-known examples of generative artificial intelligence include ChatGPT, Midjourney, or Bing, which demonstrate the potential of this technology for automatic content generation.

In the past few weeks, Google Cloud has released up to ten online free courses related to Generative Artificial Intelligence. The introductory courses are suitable for any level of technical knowledge and can be completed in minutes. Others, though fewer, are intended for intermediate levels.

The courses are available and accessible to anyone interested in learning. After each video, there is a short quiz to validate what has been learned.

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Introduction to Generative and Responsible Artificial Intelligence

The learning path in Generative Artificial Intelligence designed by Google Cloud includes a general introduction to this field. It also includes image generation, and language models such as LLM.

Furthermore, more specific topics are addressed, such as Google Cloud's Vertex AI platform for building, training, and deploying machine learning models. There's also Generative AI Studio, a tool that allows prototyping and testing of generative models.

Among the offered courses, Introduction to Responsible AI focuses on the responsible development of Artificial Intelligence. This microcourse addresses the importance of data privacy and ethical considerations in all phases and processes of model development. It also explains why we need ethical Artificial Intelligence systems to achieve trusted AI.

Google Cloud's course on Responsible Artificial Intelligence emphasizes the importance of incorporating ethical considerations in data and throughout the development stages of AI models.

While there are numerous options to get started in Artificial Intelligence, Google Cloud's offering is an excellent starting point for understanding the foundations of generative Artificial Intelligence.

This knowledge is useful for adopting these tools capable of improving our work processes and making us more productive and efficient. It also serves as a stepping stone to continue learning about Artificial Intelligence.

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The 7 principles of Google for responsible AI

Within this course, Google's 7 principles are also explained to ensure Artificial Intelligence models:

  1. Be socially beneficial.
  2. Not create or reinforce biases or prejudices.
  3. Be built and tested for safety.
  4. Be accountable to people.
  5. Incorporate privacy protection principles.
  6. Maintain high scientific excellence standards.
  7. Be available for uses that align with these principles.

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