Blockchain News: Everything You Need to Know About One of The Technologies of The Future

August 6, 2021

There is no doubt that Blockchain technology is one of the most popular technologies of recent times. In many blogs, forums, social networks and even in general media news, people talk about Blockchain, but are you aware of the main concepts on which this technology is based?

In this compilation article, we have selected a series of articles written by Telefónica Tech experts on this subject in response to everyday questions:

Digital identity, privacy and Blockchain

Digital identity, privacy and Blockchain - What are all the differences? Is it possible to recover the keys? Find out in this article from María Teresa Nieto.

Digital Identity, Privacy and Blockchain —Can They All Be In The Same Equation?

New AI and Blockchain Solutions Are Arriving to Businesses

Early a third of IT professionals surveyed in the IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2021 say their company is using AI, and 43% say they are accelerating AI adoption as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But using multiple Cloud and IT platforms while deploying and adopting advanced technologies can be a challenge. Fernando Navarro tells you everything about it in this article.

New AI and Blockchain Solutions Are Arriving to Businesses

Alastria 3.0: the Spanish Blockchain consortium

You may be wondering if there is any institution or association that is committed to the Blockchain and its ability to promote the digital economy and improve Spain's competitiveness with technology. Well, indeed, there is one and it is called Alastria, if you want to know more details about this initiative, you can't miss this post by José Luis Núñez.

Alastria 3.0: the spanish blockchain consortium