• Smart Industry Smart Industry

    Making smart, more efficient and sustainable industry a reality

The industry is experiencing increased connectivity in its production and control systems.

The integration of new generation technologies is enabling companies to increase the automation and flexibility of their production chain, increase their productivity and resilience, optimise their processes, reduce costs and become more efficient and sustainable.

Our role in the industrial sector

Thanks to our experience and capabilities, we optimise the industrial value chain, generating and improvement in the overall efficiency of each.

Connecting industrial assets

We provide mobility, low latency, freedom from interference and massively secure connections for our customers use cases.

Security and traceability

We provide security and tracking of both workers and assets. As well as critical business assets and production through monitoring, tracking and artificial vision.

Infrastructure predictive maintenance

We enable predictive maintenance of machinery and equipment in any industry, extending their service life and reducing downtime.

Inspection and control using machine vision

Images from existing or specific cameras make it possible to detect anomalies in products, processes or production facilities, record events or other information, both in the visible and invisible range.

Process automation and visibility

Wireless factories, flexible, customised and on-demand manufacturing and new service channels require solutions such as mobile robotics, drones and augmented reality to improve remote worker support.

Data-driven decision making

We help our customers reduce costs and improve efficiencies by analysing data from IoT sensors and other sources.

Cyber Security in the industrial environment

We analyse the Cyber Security requirements that have emerged in the light of the new risks brought about by massive connectivity and Cloud Computing, with an end-to-end approach that includes devices, platforms and applications.