#LadyHacker: Female talent driving progress

August 17, 2023

Progress knows no gender. #LadyHacker is a global initiative that demonstrates and asserts its globalness. This movement highlights women's essential and necessary role in the technology sector. It also aims to inspire and empower young girls and women to explore their potential in STEM careers: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Diversity fuels innovation, and innovation leads to success.

STEM disciplines form the foundation of innovation and progress. From creating algorithms powering Artificial Intelligence to designing technological solutions that tackle global issues, enhance health and well-being, or reduce our environmental footprint, STEM careers drive the transformation of our society.

The push for education and careers in STEM not only accelerates economic development but also fosters a fairer, more inclusive, and sustainable society.

At Telefónica Tech, women like Carmen, Elena, Jess, Dagmara, María, Karla, and many more #LadyHacker prove every day that gender doesn't define individuals' capabilities in the technical and scientific fields. Keep reading to meet them.

#LadyHacker Tamires Abujamra is innovating at Telefónica Tech Brazil
Meet #LadyHacker Karla Parra, Cybersecurity expert at Telefónica Tech
Meet #LadyHacker Jess Woods, Cloud expert at Telefónica Tech
«We are moving towards genderless professions», María Martínez
“To be a hacker in life is to be a passionate, talented person who manages to influence the transformation of society", Carmen Alonso

Image: Freepik.